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Setup VSCode for Kotlin development.

More and more people are learning Kotlin. But what is all the fuzz about this new programming language? We provide you with a full set of Kotlin tutorials, so that you learn everything.

Kotlin is created by JetBrains (, the company behind the famous IDEs such as Intellij IDEA.

A statically typed, multiplatform language for general purpose programming.


What does it have to offer?

Modern, save and concise OOP language

It uses newest programing features, is save by design (e.g. NullPointerException) and concise. It offers a rich set of object oriented features combined with functional programming styles.

Wide range of applications

By default Kotlin can be used site-by-site with Java. It will be compiled towards the JVM. But thats not all. It can be used in server side and web frontend. On server side it matches great with the Sprint framework. On web frontend it can be transpiled to JavaScript which can be run in the browser. As a matter of fact this offers aswell the possibility to use Kotlin within React front-end applications or with NodeJs on the backend site. Since it can be used site-by-site with Java, it became the language of choice for Android app development. Furthermore Kotlin is used within multiplatform applications (Android and Swift) where business logic is shared between different platforms.

Asynchronous with Coroutines

One of the most loved features is the coroutines library. It offers an easy and fast way for any type of asynchronous computations. This includes forexamples network calls. The advantage of using coroutines is that functions / contexts can be suspended and resumed at any time, while they less expansive that normal threads.

Is it worth to learn Kotlin?

Of course every you learn a new programming language you should ask yourself if it is worth it.


Kotlin is actively developed by Jetbrains. Every year the company passes a survey which features the developers like to have implemented in the language (Features Survey 2021). Is it is nice to see that we can shape the language!

Kotlin is the language of choice by Google for new android applications. The fact that Google changed to it from Java says a lot about the future of this language.

That the language is loved by the developers can also be seen in the evolution of search trends in StackOverflow.

Kotlin stackoverflow trend

Every year more people are using Kotlin.


It has broad and friendly community. The community is fastly growing. Enjoy the benefits of a rich ecosystem with a wide range of community libraries.